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Libat Ohayon (also known as Libi) was born in Be'er Sheva, in southern Israel.
Her long, personal, creative journey took her all around the world until she finally settled down in NYC where she lives today.

Libat is a multidisciplinary artist with background in painting, fashion design, silver smith jewelry, body makeup art and props/costume design for productions.
Her works are a visual allegory that illustrate a sense of hope and novelty, and demonstrate her ability to plan, understand the space and pay attention to the small details; a fine artist who reinvents herself with each new piece.

Pocket Art design is her latest project. In this project she paints miniature images inspired by special moments of life, almost like photography. These moments capture real or imagined scenarios that are both common and extraordinary.
Her paintings are usually black paint silhouettes on a beautiful metallic colored backgrounds.

“While painting these moments, I find myself almost present in them; like a dream, a magical interpretation of a place or situation I’ve experienced or one I long for,” she explains.
“My aim is to inspire others and capture their imagination as well... take them on that journey with me…”