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Libat Latest art project “Salon du Chocolat”

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In November 16th 2019 Libat participated in the world most famous high-end chocolate festival in the world.
It’s called “Salon du Chocolat” and it came from Paris to Javitz center earlier this month.
In the “Cocoa Capsule Fashion Show” Libat was teamed with a talented chocolatier named Moran Ovadia to create a design inspired by an era... Of course we chose Victorian and spiced it with steampunk sub culture.

Here is the art statement behind their creation :
This piece was inspired and designed by steampunk victories era.

What is Steampunk Victorian?
Steampunk, a term coined by science fiction visionaries in the 1980s, refers to an aesthetic that pays homage to the 19th-century industrial revolution, its steam-powered machinery and the technological innovations of the turn of the century. Steampunk Victorian signifies a rugged retro-futuristic fantasy of steam-powered technologies that merge with the romantic notions of the Victorian era. It celebrates technological progressiveness and a zeitgeist that was filled with a sense of adventure and optimism.

Moran and Libat’s creation represents the human body on a time-line, as bridging the transition from the Victorian era to the industrial revolution—a transition that can be seen today as digital machines are evolving to supersede human capacities.

The dress as seen from the waist down with its texture, Ornaments and the flow of fabric, represents the purist innocence of the Victorian era devoid of technological interference. The corset with its interweaving compasses and clocks, on the other hand, serves as a metaphor for the flow of time and complexity of direction or misdirection. And at its center, the heart connected to it symbolizes the organic human body as operating in a time between and beyond the two eras.

Here are some links and pictures from the process and from the event :

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